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Boondocks. by Zorua231
Aye people. I made "Golden Bonnie". Enjoy it.

 In all seriousness, "Golden Bonnie" is my second favorite character by far.
i even gave him a name, from now on he's called "Boondocks" to me. I don't care if his official names is revealed, i will always call him Boondocks.

And i have this head canon where his body parts are from different animatronics:
Bonnie's head
Freddy's body
Foxy's arms
and Chica's legs.
He's a Frankenstein animatronic anyways so, eh.

And the sketch i made about him was a lot cooler than this, in my opinion. 
Pop goes the Puppet. by Zorua231
Pop goes the Puppet.
I had this one sitting on my files for a while, so i decided to upload it. wowthatsoundedstupid
I like to do these type of things. Professional description is professional. 
The Endoskeleton by Zorua231
The Endoskeleton
I haven't seen any drawings of an endoskeleton (from what I've seen so far) so here, have an endoskeleton from the first game.
I tried to do the one from the second game but the body was a little too complex for me.
I iz proud of dis.
Don't wake the Goldie. by Zorua231
Don't wake the Goldie.
Oh my god, it looks so good.
Probably the best Golden Freddy i made so far, Goldie is my bby. ;w;

Headcanon of GF : He speaks whit the security guards a lot just to tease them, but the security guards only hear a garbled, robotic voice when GF talks, so it is very hard to understand him if you're a human.
The Faz Gang! by Zorua231
The Faz Gang!
Guys guess what, i'm part of the FNAF-dom. Woohoo!                                                                                                don'tkillmeplz.
I actually have been a fan for quite some time now, but i was lazy to put up my doodles of it and such. So now i uploaded this big ass drawing!

Head canons : 
Bonnie : I always thought about Bonnie not having a voice box, since he's only on stage when the band starts and he only plays the guitar when on the stage. Although, he has a music box inside him so the tunes of the guitar can play out. He is a little shy but fun to have around. It's a weird head canon, i know, but i like it.

Chica : I think of Chica having a broken jaw. The reason why is when she gets closer to you, the more her jaw hangs open. The reason of why her jaw is broken or why the staff hasn't repaired it yet are unknown. Chica is very sassy and sarcastic but she's the life of the gang.

Freddy : For some reason i don't have a head canon for him. I'll figure out one.

Since i don't have any ideas of a fakemon design,I will gladly take requests of your favorite Pokemon or Fakemon or both!I just do this because i'm bored and i enjoy making different designs for my fakemons and others jizz that i like and post them and knowing that someone else likes my designs!

Whit all that said,the requests shall fly by the comments and i will draw them whenever i have the time to do it!

Good day sir/madam!
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StaryuManiac Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the llama :D:D
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