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Fakemon : Kanguroko by Zorua231
Fakemon : Kanguroko
Name : Kanguroko (Kangaroo+Uroko-jō no te or "Scaly hand")

Height : 1,10 m,discounting the hand

Weight : 74,60 kg

Type : Normal/Ground

Pokedex entry : The Pokemon's weak spots are it's neck and stomach,which are covered by millions of tiny scales.These type of scales are also on it's hand-like tail,which it connects to the Pokemon's back.The tail has it's own brain,but it only activates if the Pokemon is in danger and breaks it's scales to release the tail and distract the attacker.
What do you guys think if i do stories? If you agree,you could give me some ideas or a sentence,I don't know.See you.
Alright got some news,the good and bad ones,so i'll make this short and sweet.

Good News : I have some new things to do that i have in mind that i'll post later.

Bad News : I won't be updating too much from now on because school,family and other crap that i need to take care of.So if i don't post much,you'll know why.
There,done.Ciao,my dark ones.
Request : Starting Group by Zorua231
Request : Starting Group
HOLY CRAP,that took me long huh? There were some...Technical difficulties on the process of the drawing so,pardon me!
Moving on! This was requested by :iconseriesartiststarter:,so enjoy!

Actually,i took the liberty to give names and personalities to these starters so,hope you like 'em!

Mandy (Charmander) : She is quick tempered and bursts in rage when interrupted or bothered.She has a flaming passion (no pun intended) for fights and is very skillful when using attacks.

Clementine (Totodile) : Clementine can sometimes be a little quirky,clueless and doesn't know what's happening about half the time.He's quite clumsy and slow,but that doesn't stop him to engage combat since he uses smart ways to use special attacks,he uses most of them to run away.

Taco (Treecko) : He can be a little cold and careless but he's very careful when whit other pokemon and tries to never hurt others.He's more of a passive type of pokemon and uses his attacks to defend himself or put traps around so other pokemon can't harm him.

Garry (Chimchar) : Garry is very lazy,unlike other Chimchars who are energetic.He's out of shape and doesn't know how to attack since he has never been trained and depends on other pokemon to keep him safe.

Mallory (Oshawott) : She is very shy and quiet and usually she isn't around whit other pokemon.Despite being shy,she has a very powerful arsenal of attacks,physical and special wise.

Tulip (Chespin) : Unlike Mallory,Tulip is the happy-go-lucky type of pokemon.She's very cheerful and optimistic but very protective about her possesions.Her attacks are a mix of a fighter's and a talented artist's spirit,making her to have all kinds of ribbons in no time.

Fakemon : Mega-Goark by Zorua231
Fakemon : Mega-Goark
After seeing a lot of :iconsmiley-fakemon: artworks,especially the mega-evolutions,i've become inspired by it and started to crate my own mega-evolutions for a couple of the fakemon i have created and posted here.

Goark Mega-evolves whit the Goarkite.

Type : Ghost/Grass or Dark/Grass.

Ability : I was thinking of Illusion,but maybe there's other abilities that can fit whit this type of Mega-evolution so if you have any suggestions,i would appreciate it very much!

So,what the eff happened here?Why does he look like a zombie piranha plant that will tear your head apart at any moment?Well,it's a little hard to explain so i'll just give you the short story : the mask was infected whit a non-discovered type of fungi when it was being delivered to the magician's house (see the story here ) and at the last stage of Tykost's evolution,the fungi took effect and created a type of plant that changes it's appearance when seen by different types of Pokemon.

In it's Mega-evolution stage,the fungi and the mask has possessed Goark's entire body and can control it freely without any difficulties.The fungi has made drastic changes to Goark's physical appearance,making it's body look more like a certain type of plant than a ghost.It's personality has also changed,making Goark be more aggresive towards it's trainer and Pokemon and losing it's comedic skills.

This mark ~ means that it's stats hasn't changed at all,just clear it up.

HP : 110 ~

Attack : 85 + 125

Defense : 100 + 175

Sp. Attack : 150 + 235

Sp. Defense : 100 + 175

Speed : 120 - 55 
Since i don't have any ideas of a fakemon design,I will gladly take requests of your favorite Pokemon or Fakemon or both!I just do this because i'm bored and i enjoy making different designs for my fakemons and others jizz that i like and post them and knowing that someone else likes my designs!

Whit all that said,the requests shall fly by the comments and i will draw them whenever i have the time to do it!

Good day sir/madam!
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